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Full members

Name Status Affiliation
Alain Kibangou  Matre de confrences UJF, CNRS
Carlos Canudas de Wit  Team leader GIPSA-lab, CNRS
Federica Garin  CR1 Inria
Hassen Fourati  Matre de confrences UGA
Julie Perrin  ERC Assistant GIPSA LAB
Maria Laura Delle Monache  CR Inria
Myriam Etienne  Administrative assistant Inria
Paolo Frasca  CR1 GIPSA-lab, CNRS

PhD students

Name Subject Working period Advisors
Nigina Toktassynova  Simulation and research of indutrial flow control systems of the entreprise based on MES systems 2016-’19 Batyrbek Suleimenov (Kazakh National Research Technical University), Hassen Fourati
Stphane Mollier  Aggregated Scale-Free Models for 2D Large-scale Traffic System 2016-’19 C. Canudas-de-Wit, M. L. Delle Monache, B. Seibold
Nicolas Martin  On-line partitioning algorithms for evolutionary scale-free Networks 2016-’19 C. Canudas de Wit, P. Frasca
Martin Rodriguez  Traffic density, traveling time and vehicle emission estimation in large - scale traffic networks 2017-’20 C. Canudas de Wit, H. Fourati
Muhammad Umar B Niazi  State-state estimation design and optimal sensor placement algorithms for large-scale evolutionary dynamical networks 2017-’20 Carlos Canudas-de-Wit; Alain Kibangou
Denis Nikitin  Scalable Large-Scale Control of Network Aggregates 2018-’21 Carlos Canudas-de-Wit, Paolo Frasca
Liudmila Tumash  2018-’21 Carlos Canudas de Wit, Maria Laura Delle Monache
Bassel Othman  Dynamic optimization of road traffic in a large-scale urban network 2018-’19 Carlos Canudas de Wit
Makia Zmitri  Estimating the attitude by IMU, magnetic and vision measures : an automatic control approach 2018-’21 Christophe Prieur, Hassen Fourati
Ujjwal Pratap  Resilient control in scale-free networks 2019-’22 Dr. Carlos Canudas De Wit, Dr. Federica Garin

Research engineers and technical support

Name Status Affiliation
Vadim Bertrand  Research engineer CNRS

MSc students

Name Topic Working period Advisors
Renato Vizuete  Graphons: from data models to control systems for large-scale networks February to June 2019 Paolo Frasca, Federica Garin
Tianyi Wei  Stabilizing traffic via autonomous vehicles February to June 2019 Maria Laura Delle Monache
Syrine Baraket  Estimation de la dynamique dattitude dun corps mobile (satellite) par fusion de mesures inertielles et dun star tracker February to July 2019 Hassen FOURATI

Associated members

Name Status Affiliation
Denis Jacquet  Collaboration Start-up Karrus

Past members

Name Status Working period
Thibault Liard  PostDoc 2017-’19
Diego Deplano  Visitor 2018-’19
Giacomo Casadei  PostDoc 2016-’18
Sebin Gracy  PhD student 2015-’18
Stphane Durand  PhD student 2015-’18
Ada Makni  PostDoc 2017-’18
Aleksandra Malkova  MSc student February to July 2018
Lydie Leon  Staff member 2017-’18
Alexandre Olikier  MSc student March to May 2018
Thibaud Michel  PhD student 2014-’17
Houda Nouasse  PostDoc 2016-’17
Andrs Alberto Ladino Lopez  PhD student 2014-’17
Baptiste Gouin  MSc student March to July 2017
Pietro Grandinetti  PhD student 2014-’17
Rmi Piotaix  Research engineers and technical support 2015-’17
Simon Gerwig  PhD student 2014-’17
Enrico Lovisari  PostDoc 2014-’16
Jakob Zietsch  MSc student March to June 2016
Anton Andreev  Research engineers and technical support 2014-’16
Ada Makni  PhD student 2012-’15
Giovanni De Nunzio  PhD student 2012-’15
Rohit Singhal  Research engineers and technical support 2014-’15
Tomas Manuel Pippia  MSc student March to July 2015
Thị-Minh Dung Trần PhD student 2012-’15
Ruggero Fabbiano PhD student 2011-’14
Iker Bellicot Research engineers and technical support 2011-’14
Fabio Morbidi PostDoc 2012-’14
Massinissa Boudraham MSc student March to September 2014
Dominik Pisarski PhD student 2011-’14
Luis Ramn Len Ojeda PhD student 2011-’14
Zarina Samigulina  PhD student 2011-’14
Gustav Nilsson  Visitor April to May 2014
Alberto Nai Oleari Visitor February to April 2014
Domenico Bianchi  Visitor February to February 2014
Abir Ben-Khaled PhD student 2011-’13
Valentina Ciarla PhD student 2010-’13
Yvan Gaudfrin MSc student June to September 2013
Patrick Blanchard MSc student June to July 2013
Giulio Bontadini MSc student March to June 2013
Daniel Simon  Staff member 2007-’13
María Guinaldo Losada Visitor October to December 2012
Alexandre Seuret Staff member 2008-’12
Alireza Esna-Ashari Esfahani PostDoc 2011-’12
Patrick Andrianiaina PhD student 2010-’12
Gabriel Rodrigues de Campos PhD student 2009-’12
Nicolas Cardoso de Castro  PhD student 2009-’12
Wenjie Lu MSc student 2011-’12
Wael Zouaoui MSc student June to August 2012
Antoine Lemarchand Associated member 2011-’12
Lara Brin Arranz PhD student 2008-’12
Roger Pissard  Research engineers and technical support 2007-’11
Sylvain Durand PhD student 2007-’11
Émilie Roche PhD student 2008-’11
Riccardo Ceccarelli PhD student 2007-’11
Florence Polge  Administrative assistant January to August 2011
Yijing Chen MSc student April to July 2011
Alireza Farhadi PostDoc 2010-’11
Eric Davit MSc student February to June 2011
Nassim Mokrani MSc student February to June 2011
Samir Hachour MSc student February to June 2011
Guillaume Gay MSc student February to May 2011
Pierre Gault MSc student February to May 2011
Florine Boudin Research engineers and technical support 2008-’10
Carolina Albea Sánchez PhD student 2007-’10
Nicolas Marchand Associated member 2006-’10
Luc Malrait PhD student 2007-’10
Irinel Constantin Morărescu PostDoc January to September 2010
Gregory Pichonnier MSc student 2009-’10
Jonathan Jaglin PhD student 2006-’10
Wenjuan Jiang PostDoc 2009-’10
Javier Tordesillas Illán  MSc student March to July 2010
Diana Stefan MSc student February to July 2010
Florent Stevenin MSc student February to July 2010
Sebastien Varrier MSc student February to June 2010
Anne-Marie Alt Research engineers and technical support 2009-’10
Kateřina Staňková PostDoc 2009-’10
Jiri Zikmund PostDoc 2008-’09
Pascal Bellemain  Research engineers and technical support 2006-’09
Brandon Moore PostDoc 2008-’09
Manuel Lopez Martinez Visitor September to November 2007
José Ramos Cueli PostDoc 2006-’07
Mongi Ben Gaïd PostDoc 2006-’07
David Robert PhD student 2003-’06
lodie Toihein  Administrative assistant January 1970
Hannah Walter  Research engineers and technical support January 1970
Soumya Sharma  Research engineers and technical support January 1970
Jonathan Dumon  Research engineers and technical support January 1970
Julie Bourget  January 1970